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TitleGEMS - Going the Extra Mile for Safety

GEMS Committee Pilot Project Proposal


After years of calls for a safer Highway 11 North, the 2+1 Road Design provides

A Safety Solution for Highway 11 North




The GEMS Committee has researched the 2+1 model and feels that this is a viable option to address the many safety and closure issues that have been plaguing Hwy 11, and the travellers who use it, for many years.


GEMS is proposing that a pilot project using the 2+1 model be implemented on Highway 11 at a suitable location between North Bay and Cochrane.


The Solution is a 2+1 highway where there are 2 lanes in one direction and one lane in the other direction separated by a median barrier. This road profile changes from side to side allowing for passing opportunities for both directions on a regular basis.


It gives all stakeholders an opportunity to see how it functions in our environment. The cost of this type of a pilot project is not prohibitive especially if it is implemented in an area already selected for normal upgrading and resurfacing. GEMS is promoting a pilot project of 20 to 25 km but of course this will be determined by the MTO after studies are complete. Ireland began their 2+1 program with 4 separate pilot projects (total of 48kms) in various parts of the country.


We have interest and support from our elected officials and they are encouraging us to continue with the development of this project. We have asked for the support of other municipalities that would be affected by this project and we have received overwhelming support for our resolution.


For many years there have been calls for significant improvements to Highway 11 in Northern Ontario and now is the time to answer those calls. The 2+1 model clearly reduces fatalities and serious injuries in countries where it has been implemented. It is a model that is financially responsible and is very flexible to the geography of the road. It is a model that will improve the efficiency of the road and will reduce the number of closures due to a significant reduction in fatality investigations. It is a model that could be used in other parts of Ontario where similar traffic safety issues are present and a properly implemented pilot project on Highway 11 will give the entire province an opportunity to see the benefits of the 2+1 model.

GEMS is very interested in cooperating with all stakeholders to see this pilot project move to the next step. It is our vision that a successful pilot project will someday lead to us to our goal of zero fatalities on Highway 11.


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What is GEMS

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2 + 1 Pamphlet

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Ireland and Sweden Report

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